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What to do when you lose your Job?

August 19, 2020

By Alpha Street Inc      August 19, 2020 Losing a job can be devasting to your finances & mental health. It raises the question, Why me? Did I do something wrong? Was I not good enough? Many times, it is not your fault, it is the fault of the economy or bad decision made by […]

Market Returns during Election Years

January 07, 2020

Fun Graphic I created last night. Going back to 1928, Market has been up 19 of the 23 Election Years with an average return of 17.03%. The average return of the 4 declines was 16.03% (Which includes 2008’s decline of 37%). History is on your side if your a bull.  

Money in Motion – Blackberry

July 23, 2019

Investors should start looking at Blackberry again. Under the leadership of John Chen, Blackberry has pivoted from a mobile phone company to a software company focusing on Threat Detection, End User Management, Internet of Things (IOT) and Autonomous Vehicles. Note. This is not a full report. It just highlights the Bull Case (Positive) and Bear […]